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Press Association, Newsfile May 19, 2008

Pop Idol creator Simon Fuller is the most successful British music manager of all time, according to a major US magazine.

His acts have sold 116 million units in the US alone, Billboard said.

The music mogul has managed The Spice Girls, David Beckham, Annie Lennox, and many more.

The magazine said he was responsible for more than 500 number one singles globally, and more than 240 number one albums.

It placed him ahead of other British managers including Peter Grant (Led Zeppelin, Bad Company) and Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

Fuller is probably best known for creating Pop Idol, which, with its spin-offs, has found new musical talent all over the world.

Top five British music managers, with units sold (US) (millions):

Simon Fuller 116

Peter Grant 110.5

Brian Epstein 106

Steve O'Rourke (Pink Floyd) 70.5

Tony Smith (Genesis) 57

Top five global music managers

Colonel Tom Parker (Elvis Presley) 148

Irving Azoff (Eagles, Stevie Nicks) 122.5

Simon Fuller 116

Bob Doyle (Garth Brooks) 116

Peter Grant 110.5
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