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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
Variety, October 13, 1997
The return of the Mac was greeted by a chorus of Doubting Thomases who suggested the band would be lucky to sell out 6,000-seat halls and that the disc/tour would pale in comparison to the vaunted Eagles reunion three years back. Fleetwood Mac is currently selling out 18,000-seaters with a top ticket of $ 75, grossing nearly $ 1 million per night.
According to an article I read in Billboard in 2003 Fleetwood Mac first approached Clear Channel to produce their Say You Will Tour. Clear Channel passed on the band thinking they were asking too high a price for their cut so FM went to the next best promoter and was signed by AEG Live.
The tour was a huge success financially for the band and their promoter.
Sometime between then and now Clear Channel became Live Nation and guess who has promoted Stevies' solo shows since the SYW Tour was over?
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