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[This article mentions that Chris could not contribute to Starart, a book of celebrity artwork, because she lost most of her drawings while traveling.]

Excerpt from the Globe and Mail (Canada), December 18, 1979

Miss Chesher, who was born and raised in Calgary, has a background as
a commercial artist (she spent a year in Toronto at Ryerson) and a
photographer of rock concerts, experience which she needed to edit,
design, and finally publish Starart. The idea for the book came to her
during a down period after her move to Los Angeles. I was lying on this
foam-rubber mattress in this half-empty apartment of a friend in West
Hollywood, and the idea came down like a lightbulb. Right away, I made up
a list of people I wanted. Most of them are in the book.

Some of those who aren't on that list were people like Christine McVie
of Fleetwood Mac. She liked the idea a lot, but she had lost most of her
stuff with all her travelling.
John Lennon was also considered. He got as
far as asking Klaus Voormann the spelling of my name so he could consult
his astrologer. But I was happy with the people I had and decided not to
pursue it. Working her way up to the superstars like Joni Mitchell - I
knew I was dealing with the big time when I had to deal with the
manager's assistant before talking to the manager - Miss Chesher
collaborated with the musicians on a format with which they could all
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