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Entertainment Design November 2000

Production Designer Bruce Rodgers talks about getting to work with FM for The Dance:

The first project that Rodgers feels put him on the map as a solo
designer was Fleetwood Mac's reunion special. "I got a call from
Carol Donovan [ from MTV] to put my name in the hat for it," he
explains. "But they were very clear about not coming in with
preconceived ideas or sketches, because the band wanted to talk to us
first. I did a couple of nights' worth of sketches while listening to
their music. Of course, I grew up with Fleetwood Mac, too, so I came
up with an idea of a Mobius curve. It made sense to me because of the
complete circle they were making through their hell."

When Rodgers went to meet with the band, they immediately asked him
if he had sketches to show them. "I said, No, I wanted to get your
ideas first.' They told me they didn't really have any ideas, so I
sketched the Mobius curve right in front of them and explained how it
represented them and the times they had lived through and the time
continuum and all that. I truly felt all that, and they could tell.
So they went for it."
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