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Cool Lightning strikes!

Hi Cristian

When I read your post I pulled out Mirage to have a re-listen to Gypsy because I thought maybe there was something there that I'd forgotten about......! Well, basically, I mean this in a totally un-stupid, un-immodest etc etc etc way, but that solo is really not that difficult to play. He plays it in a very similar way live aswell. On the Mirage album version, there are other guitars playing, but providing rhythm only...THAT solo that you're talking about is only one guitar. He's using a delay effect with it, which means that every note that's played is "recorded and re-played" by the FX box, and this makes it flow better and sound fuller than it otherwise would. He uses the same effect on stage both on Mirage and the Dance.

I know it sounds really cool, and to someone who's not a guitarist it must seem really impressive, but I would put it down as one of the easiest LB solos around (for any half-decent guitarist.) I'm sure fellow guitarists here will agree.

If you want to know technically how it's played...basically for that "fast part", index finger holds the e and B string on the 13th fret, and then the third alternates between hammering on the 15th on the e and the B then pulling off to the respective 13th, with the 4th finger hitting the 17th on the e every now and again. If you don't play guitar that must look like a mess, but if you do you'll see how easy it is. In fact, that method I've described above is one of the two most frequently used methods during LB's solos from '75 right through to's a relatively easy method, especially when you use delay FX, to sound really fast to non-guitarists' ears. Regardless, it sounds awesome.

am I the only one who thinks this solo is right up there with the best performances in the history of music?

I'd have to disagree with you there! lol!

p.s. for some incredible LB style (but more impressive to my ears) guitar work check out Leo Kottke's "Airproofing II" and Colin Reid's "Harmonium".

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