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Default Fritz music

Tunecs featured were in order of appearance:

Clavinet solo in finale of "Empty Shell" (1969); Lindsey singing ("so be as good as you progressively can") on "You Don't Get Young Anymore" (1968); Stevie singing on "The Power" (1970); when the announcer mentions "Lindsey dropped out to dedicate himself to music" they are playing "Existentialist" (1970) from a live recording at Aragon High School, San Mateo; when they start talking about going to L.A. to "cut demos with Keith Olsen" they are playing one of those demos: Lindsey singing, "Louisa Joy" (later, the president of Dunhill Records would pronounce that tune "a hit."). Keith says "We kinda thought, wow that band's not that great." I can vouch that he (whom he calls "we") had already made up his mind way before that session.
At this point in the BTM Stevie says "we had to tell the guys that we loved that we had to break the band up." That is patently false. The band was already in the process of breaking up over the trip to L.A., and no, they never said anything to us, they just let things ride.
After the commercial break the last Fritz piece played was "I've Been Pretending" (1968) with Lindsey and I on vocals.
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