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Thanks Javier for all the clarification on Linds' BTM. I knew some things weren't right from reading your Q&A session. What do you expect from VH-1 that delayed his BTM for 10, 000 years (ok not that long but it felt like it).

Anyways I was so excited that you were able to talk to Stevie about producing a Fritz recording. I hope it happens because I know a lot of us are very interested. (geez they should just have had a Fritz BTM or you guys can go on Oprah...just kidding, then we'd get all the facts! )

Thanks again for showing us Fritz! Very thrilling for me at least!

And you're right... the music does ROCK!

~But she'll leave you crying in the night...~
-Buckingham Nicks' "Crying in the Night"

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