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Default The facts, ma'am!

Geez, Lindsey's mono didn't cause the break-up, it was our trip to L.A.!!! We all knew what happened, we didn't need S&L to tell us, it was fairly easy to figure it out. Remember, we were a gritty San Francisco band going down to be judged by Los Angeles commercial standards! What would Keith Olsen know about SDan Francisco bands!!! He probably call Santana, the Dead and the Airplane losers too!! We fought making that trip on aesthetic and moral grounds. Dave Forest applied plenty of pressure to make us go. It was the "only chance" we had left (without telling us of Bill Graham's interest). Of course we knew who was going to come out smelling like a rose! Upon our return L&S kept the truth from us, but emotionally (after weeks of no activity) we were becoming estranged and separated form everything so as to lessen the pain. The demise was in full force.
The Vh-1 people didn't do their homework. They squandered a chance to set the record straight. But then, I guess this Fritz story deserves more time. The BTM was not the best format for revelations about Fritz. If I had the money I would put the five ex-Fritz members in a room and listening to them and between them you would get at the truth. Each would recall whatever the other forgot. I'm sure the whole truth will surface one day. But these little Vh-1 tidbits are nothing but snippets, sound bites that just like appetizers, don't fill the soul, only contribute to further cholesterol and confusion.
However, I'm very glad you folks liked the music. I told y'all it rocks!!!
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