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Heart We Want Fritz Music!!!

Dear Javier Pacheco PHD.,
Greetings!!! Thanks for your participation! There sure were a lot of glaring irregularities!
Makes you wonder at their accuracy and VH1's slanted view of those days and Lindsey's life story.

The participants don't do the interviews together so the editors are free to embellish and twist facts as they like!Your hoping they will be friendly to you!
I wonder if Lindsey got to accept or reject those cutting remarks that were directed at him!
They were not user friendly in some instances and I felt bad for his family hearing some of the more nasty comments! Yikes!
How can VH1 go with all this stuff and take it for the truth!!! They hardly let you or Bob Aquarri comment and we really wanted to hear more about Fritz! Is Lindsey willing to release Fritz? Didn't he play bass and announced some/right?/I always thought Fritz split because Lindsey got mono and went home to rest a year where he learned to play lead guitar and record and wrote Iam So Afraid!

His parents seemed like good hearted folks who helped Fritz out with practicing in the garage!I remember you liked his family a lot!His Mom made you lemonade!See...I did read your comments on The Penguin!All ppl should go over and read your Q&A!

You looked well and I hope you are content with your life!We are waiting for a Fritz cd!
Great Music is my Passion! Thanks for the Music! Blessings,~Sky`
"LOVE is The Sweet Surprise!"

Peacekeeper song ... Lindsey
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