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Default Fritz music anyone?

I saw Stevie at Shoreline last Sept and asked her to produce a Fritz recording. Mind you, we hadn't seen each other in 30 years. It was great seeing her. She was very positive, aware of the fan interest generated on this. I feel confident its going to happen. She said we'd sit down and discuss what specific songs would be included. Jan or Feb of 2002 we will discuss what pieces to include. Mind you, there are three noticeable Fritz eras: 1967-68, 1969, and 1970-71 (in terms of available recordings and stylistic changes).

Right now I am a little daunted by the irregularities of the Lindsey BTM. Not that I expected that Vh-1 would be fair or objective! They are rather a pom-pom for the music biz. But there were real distortions of the truth. I thought those producers had done their homework but I guess not. They let slide a lot of factual errors. One, I was never the recognized leader of Fritz. That's absurd. Two, I did not rule with "an iron fist." Everyone had a say in the band procedures and rules, including Stevie. Three, Lindsey hadn't started writing his own music yet. Four, Stevie and Lindsey were romantically paired while in Fritz, not after Fritz. and five, the practice of writing music that addressed deep, personal issues was started absolutely in Fritz. Six, S&L never came right out and told "the guys we loved" that their own experiences in L.A. had been so positive (meaning, that Olsen and other recording gatekeepers had picked them out) and that their fortunes would no longer be dictated by Fritz. The selctive recollections offered in this BTM were astounding. But in order to know all that, you'd have to know what really happened. Hopefully, some day an investigator with a mind for the truth will reveal (about the Fritz years) what up to now has been mostly caricature and distortion.
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