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In addition to Brian's idea that some of the videos need to be flip flopped for chronological sake, I was thinking that "Why" & "Station man" from the 75 show on "best of one" should be flip flopped too as of course "Station man" was earlier in the bands history as a song anyways.

Also like Brian was saying, If replacing the Dance stuff is considered to be a possibility on the "Best of one" list than in their place I would put the "In the back of my mind" video to at least have a songwriter's credit for a Post FM member (I mean, if we really are interested in doing a "through the years of FM" here and we were concerned about songwriters) as well as the Peter Green "Oh well" (listed in "best of 2") which would start the video as it is the oldest and it would be as least one true pre BN performance (once again trying to continue the idea of going through the years).

To not leave 1997 with only "Don't stop" from the "Brits" how about using "Go your own way" from the "Brits" too (instead of the "Rosebud" version) as I'm sure most would agree that the Brits version is much more powerful than the Rosebud version and "Rosebud" is well represented elsewhere in the list (I mean, if we do want to represent the best of performances available here)

I couldn't decide on a replacement for the third dance item (that is, if this is seriously going to be considered) I would say a toss up between the "Isn't it midnigt" video (once again as Brian suggested) or the infamous "Family man" video if it's a possibility(as this song did chart, albeit briefly) and this would keep Lindsey up to par as before with what was apparently considered to be acceptable songwriting credits numbers. Anybody like these ideas?

I do realize that by taking out the Dance stuff that this leaves Stevie two songs short but as she is represented well elsewhere on the collection, surely it can't be seen as unreasonable that the founder of the band, the Green god, should be represented by at least the one short song coupled with the Burnette tune to show as many incarnations of the band as we can, songwriting speaking. Is this fair? Those wanting the duplication still have the Mirage and Tusk stuff on there and if "Go your own way" is used from the Brits, there will be 2 songs from 1997 instead of 3 whereas if you still use the Rosebud version there will only be one. I've tried to think of how to compromise this thing and this is what I've come up with and it sounds fair to me, I just hope it does to you guys.

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