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Count me in for Best of 1. I tried to vote using the poll format, but I keep getting a "running script" error.

I agree with Marty. I already have the original Mirage VHS, but I certainly wouldn't mind having a DVD version of the Mirage songs on the list (unless they release the whole concert on DVD).

I also agree that the "Best of" compilation should contain the Dance songs, for the sake of continuity. My first Mac CD was "Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits." I've bought every one of their CD's since that time. In other words, shouldn't we also be thinking about future Mac fans and what they will like? As a Mac fan, I'm already hooked and will take anything that is released from the options listed above. What about the average music-lover who has never seen the Dance video or DVD? I realise that this proposal is intended for the fans, but it sure would be nice to have additional releases of material from the vault. We can increase our chances by releasing a "Best of" DVD that will also please the average music consumer. That's IF we get 10,000 signatures and a high return on the DVD sales.

Would any of the Mac online sites be willing to post a link to the petition? How about the band sections for VH1, MTV, & Rolling Stone online?
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