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The quality of DVD is vastly superior to that of VHS; I think anyone who has seen them side by side would agree. I just did an analysis of a petition database dump from a few days ago and of the 1707 names in that file, 1428 of them (83.6%) requested it in DVD format. I'm sure information like this would be taken into account to decide if there even would be a VHS release. The Tusk Documentary and Mirage were never released on DVD and most people have 2nd generation or worse tapes so the quality cannot compare.

After this vote, if list #1 is selected, I'd suggest *one* more vote to get a final setlist which perhaps could contain the three Dance songs or replacements. As this is a "Best Of" it follows them through the years and the Dance concert was a huge event; if you are just watching the DVD from start to finish it makes for nice continuity.

People have been signing a petition that states 10-12 songs; I cannot imagine that anyone would be particularly upset if the final release ended up being 30 songs (instead of 10-12) which includes 3 that they already have. They are still getting 15 to 17 more songs than what they signed up for at the same price, not even counting the three from the Dance.

I'm most concerned about just getting this voting all wrapped up. It should happen ASAP! We are now 10 days or so into the petition and have only collected about 20% of the required names. Once we have an actual list we can go on an advertising blitz and try to get the rest. Some people might even be interested in handing out fliers at the SN concerts to get the word out. If we take very long to vote with multiple polls and it takes even longer to get the 10,000 names, I would think it would greatly diminish the chances of *any* release even happening.

- Marty

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