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Question Les

Les, just a question, given that the opinions of the last few people are similar to mine that it's not so much the songs that are included on "best of 1" that are of an objection but the "previously commercially released, factory made, already owned" versions that are included that are in question, Would it be OK if on the 28th when the voting is over if list one does get the vote, could we at least put up a vote on those Dance/Mirage/Tusk video versions to see if the majority of people do in fact want those versions to stand or if they are happy with the songs but may want other versions etc.? Maybe something like

option 1 - want same versions as per list
option 2 - don't want dance verions but do want all others
option 3 - songs are fine but different versions of all 8 in question (if possible that is, believe me, I tried to find them on the list and couldn't find different versions for "Sisters of the moon" etc. At least we could cut down on them if nothing else)
option 4 - other (please specify below)

or whatever? I realize that "The dance" is the only one that has been released on DVD but as there are many people that still deal in VHS I think it's still fair to include Mirage & Tusk into the equasion. Besides, just the same as the rules of the current vote apply, if the people were only referring to "The Dance" then they can choose "option 2" from my proposed voting idea here and whatever gets the most votes will be the content. You could add other options like "only take out Mirage stuff", "Only take out Tusk doc stuff" etc. if you want but I don't honestly think many people will vote that way. It seems it would most likely be just people want the content as it is to stand, or they don't want any of those 8 (even though I know this is probably impossible due to the limited footage available on the list but as a I say, at least those could/may be cut down on if options 2 or 3 (or 4 depending on what the "other" ideas are) win the proposed vote), or that they don't want "Dance" excepts but do want Mirage/Tusk doc ones, etc. Obviously my wording isn't too good but just so you get the general idea of what we are talking about. Would this be an acceptable vote to post on the 28th if "best of 1" is voted in?


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