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Default VOTE (until Aug. 27): DVD FORMAT


This first vote is to determine the format for what we’d like on the DVD release. Select just one option. An example of each format option appears below. This vote will remain open until Monday, August 27. After Monday, the option receiving the most votes will be selected. Future discussions and votes will be held to determine the exact content.

Each of these options is based upon what appears to exist in the Warner Brother’s vault. All of these will be timed to include between 90 and 120 minutes of content. We don’t have guarantees yet on what exactly we will have access to, so revisions to our wish lists may be required in the future based on the availability of the material.

If we can reach the goal of 10,000 signatures, this may result in securing the release of additional material in the future.


Option 1 – Best Of 1 Compilation. The “Best Of” compilation would consist of most or all of the band’s music videos plus a variety of “favorite” live performances through the years. The format would be something like the following with performances and videos presented chronologically. This does not have to be the final running order, but is meant as an example of what this sort of compilation would consist of:

1. Why (Capital Center ‘75 Concert) ~3:45
2. Station Man (Capital Center ’75 Concert) ~4:00
3. Rhiannon (Rosebud) 6:52
4. I’m So Afraid (Rosebud) 5:02
5. Say You Love Me (Rosebud) 3:55
6. World Turning (Midnight Special) ~6:00?
7. Go Your Own Way (Rosebud) 3:32
8. Dreams (Paris Promo) 4:19
9. You Make Loving Fun (Japan) 3:45
10. The Chain (Mirage Concert) 5:45
11. Tusk (video) 3:30
12. Sara (Tusk Doc) 4:08
13. Not That Funny (Tusk Doc) 2:10
14. Sisters of the Moon (Mirage) 7:45
15. Hold Me (video) 3:57
16. Gypsy (video) 4:12
17. Eyes of the World (Mirage) 3:45
18. Little Lies (video) 3:34
19. Seven Wonders (video) 3:38
20. Big Love (video) 3:57
21. Everywhere (video) 3:41
22. As Long As You Follow (video) 4:07
23. Save Me (video) 4:14
24. Skies the Limit (video) 3:42
25. Paper Doll (video) 3:56
26. Love Shines (video) 4:10
27. Silver Springs (Dance) 5:45
28. Bleed to Love Her (Dance) 3:14
29. Landslide (Dance) 3:50
30. Don’t Stop (The Brits) ~4:00

McVie: 12 songs
Nicks: 9 songs
Buckingham: 10 songs (incl. Station Man as “lead” singer)


Option 2 - Best Of 2 Compilation. A compilation which includes all of the ‘concept’ videos plus a variety of ‘rare’ or ‘lesser known’ performances. The format would be something like the following. This does not have to be the final running order, but is meant as an example of what this sort of compilation would consist of:

1. Tusk (vid)
2. Hold me (vid)
3. Gypsy (vid)
4. Big love (vid)
5. Seven wonders (vid)
6. Little lies (vid)
7. Everywhere (vid)
8. Family man (vid) (still under investigation)
9. As long as you follow (vid)
10. Save me (vid)
11. Skies the limit (vid)
12. In the back of my mind (vid)
13. Paper doll (vid)
14. Love shines (vid)
15. Oh well (from the first "video comp reel" on the Warners vault list)
16. World turning (Midnight special)
17. Isn't it midnight (Video comp reel)
18. Rhiannon (Midnight special)
19. You make loving fun (Rosebud)
20. I'm so afraid (Rosebud)
21. Dreams (Paris promo)
22. Sara ("4:00" is what it's listed as on the vault list)
23. Songbird (3 reels)
24. Oh Diane (from the story of (billed on the list as The FM story")
25. The Chain (3 reels)
26. Say you love me (Rosebud)
27. Gold dust woman (3 reels)
28. Go your own way (Brit awards)
29. Don't stop (Brit awards)

McVie: 13 songs (incl. World Turning)
Nicks: 7 songs
Buckingham: 8 songs (depending upon the availability of the “Family Man” video)
Green: 1 song
Burnette: 1 song


Option 3 - Live Concert(s). This option would consist of a few live concerts in their entirety (IF we can find out when they were filmed, what they contain, how long they are, etc...). This option is perhaps the hardest to predict because of the generic names and lack of description given to what purports to be “concert” footage on the Warner Brother’s vault list. For example:

Fleetwood Mac Live
Fleetwood Mac Concert/The Company
Fleetwood Mac On Tour

Option 4 – Documentary & Videos. This option would consist of a documentary from the vaults, plus all of the music videos if time permits.

Some of the Documentaries include:
Disney’s Going Home (1993)
Fleetwood Mac at 21 (1990 or so?)
The Fleetwood Mac Story (date ?)

(Note: We’ve gotten some indication from Ken that the chances of getting the Rosebud documentary released in its entirety at this point aren’t too good.)

Option 5 - Documentary & Live Performances. This option would consist of a documentary from the vaults plus some live performances if time permits.


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