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I know I, personally, would love to have a mix of concept videos and live clips.

And I know that there are a lot of fans of the Post-Rumors era, but would a lot of people be upset if they left off the Post-Rumours era videos (Save Me, Skies the Limit) in exchange for live footage of the Rumours era?

My thinking is that if we would want people OTHER than us die hard fans to buy the DVDs, too, the chances would probably be better if we stick with what was the most popular.

My list would be something like this:

Hold Me
Big Love
Seven Wonders
Little Lies
and then 5 or 6 live songs, depending on what Marty finds out is in the Warners vault. Once I see THAT list, I'll definitely be able to make a more accurate choice

And like Marty even said, since this is the first time they've tried anything like this, and if it goes well, maybe we could do more, then why not start it out with something you know everyone will like? I say the first DVD should be "Rumours" era only, then if another one sould come along, throw in some of the other era's too. Just my opinion.
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