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Ok, here's an update. I am working on preparing an online petition and its going quite well. I hope to have it up soon. I'll put it up now because there are a lot of us that, regardless of the 12 songs that are on it will assuredly purchase it. 10,000 is a lot...we should start collecting them as soon as possible. Others may want to know what is specifically going to be on it so we'll ammend that information as soon as we know it.

I inquired with Ken about some of the live performances that are in Warners' vaults. As we don't know specifically what they have its rather difficult for us to tell him specifically what we want-- especially for the never-before-seen stuff. He replied that he got a listing of Warners' vault contents last Thursday and is going to have it faxed to me; I guess this would be on Monday. We'll then have a much clearer idea of what is in there.

He had indicated that the Mirage video might be more difficult to release as the rights to that are owned by HBO.

This is also to be added to the Q&A in his latest answers:

Hi Ken! I've heard you say a lot about people's questions to release live recordings to the public. But what is the PROBABILITY that it could happen? I am a HUGE fan of a lot of they're live material from the Tusk tour, and would love to see some of it out. Do you think it can happen? Thanks!! (Graham Zebrasky, Brownsburg, Indiana, USA)

If not help from the outside, then Warners would have a less than 10% chance of releasing something live. Remember they already have the Dance out and the live album, they don't want to hurt sales on those, I promise you some exec at Warners knows he'd be canned for suggesting such a "stupid" idea as hurting sales of product they already have out. Plus, you know musicians, they're always excited on what they're working on now. The band probably would feel not inclined to release old stuff. I believe they'd think that their fans would think they're just releasing the old stuff to make money, which is exactly what labels do after a band is finished putting out new stuff. Look at the Beatles. Capitol is releasing every possible combination they can think of to make more money. We call it "milking the catalogue." I'm going to downgrade my estimate to 1%. Now if Marty can collect enough requests for this as well, we could probably license it.

I'm really hoping that whatever we come up with here would prove that there is a fan base. Ken looks like he would be a powerful advocate for us to see this footage. If we get a strong showing and it is sucessful, then I would think that it would make subsequent releases much, much more possible. I'm, of course, hoping that we won't have to collect 10,000 names for each release too!

I'll try to have the petition scripts running within the next few days, if not sooner on The Penguin. We'll really need to get the word out about it too in order to get the required signatures.

- Marty
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