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Since an approximately 12-track compilation would be the most financially feasible to produce, I've written up a couple additional lists.
Obviously we'd have to have some kind of vote to narrow down which of these (or any others) would be the most popular choice.
I have tried to keep the tracks as even-handed as possible... trying to make sure each singer/songwriter is adequately represented, and that no one dominates the selection. But doing that can be difficult, as Lindsey has the least amount of singles/videos, and Christine has almost more than Stevie and Lindsey combined.

This first list compiles clips strictly from the Buckingham Nicks era:
  1. Over My Head (Midnight Special)
  2. Rhiannon ('Rosebud')
  3. Go Your Own Way ('Rosebud')
  4. Dreams (Paris soundcheck promo video)
  5. Don't Stop (Paris promo video)
  6. You Make Loving Fun (filmed live in Japan)
  7. Tusk
  8. Hold Me
  9. Gypsy
  10. Big Love
  11. Seven Wonders
  12. Little Lies

This second list includes clips from both the Buckingham Nicks era and the Post-Buckingham era."Everywhere" and "In The Back Of My Mind" are omitted, because, quite frankly, the band members aren't featured enough in those two videos, in my opinion[list=1][*]Rhiannon ('Rosebud')[*]Go Your Own Way ('Rosebud')[*]Tusk[*]Hold Me[*]Gypsy[*]Big Love[*]Seven Wonders[*]Little Lies[*]As Long As You Follow[*]Save Me[*]Skies The Limit[*]Paper Doll[/list=1]

This final list is a strict compilation of the "concept videos" from 1979-1993 only.
Of course, Christine completely dominates this list, as more videos were filmed for her singles than any of the other band members.[list=1][*]Tusk[*]Hold Me[*]Gypsy[*]Big Love[*]Seven Wonders[*]Little Lies[*]Everywhere[*]As Long As You Follow[*]Save Me[*]Skies The Limit[*]In The Back Of My Mind[*]Paper Doll[*]Love Shines[/list=1]


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