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Smile I'll take anything too!

I agree that previously unreleased stuff would be top priority but I'd still hate for them to take a song from an unseen concert and then have to buy it again later if they were to release the whole concert so I vote for avoiding duplication and chopping up concerts at all costs. If they do plan to jack up the price, we might as well get our moneys worth rather than them using all the marketing tricks like releasing a big set of stuff we already have but we'd still need to buy it because it has one thing on there we don't have you know what I mean? I know that's not the original plan anyways but it's just a fear of what could snowball that should be given some thought, I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks this way.

Also, since they seem to want to test the waters with a singular release. I'd say Brian's list is the one which would guarantee them the sales figures they would hope for on the initial project (as, in addition to the fans, the more everyday customer may buy the music video disc as has been the case for artist such as Madonna's video collections) which would then hopefully make them feel more enthusiastic about possible future releases. Also, as the music videos use the studio recordings, I presume it would be easier for Ken to do his thing with the surround sound audio tracks on the videos and there would be more of a chance of the inclusion of "special features/bonus materials" like outtakes from videos (such as the ones from "Hold me") and "making of" footage (like the film that exists already of the making of "Gypsy") etc. Anyone else been thinking this? (I hope I'm not the only one!) As I say though, I will buy it regardless so if everyone wants to go with the other compilation idea then that's OK with me and I'll go along wit it, this is just my humble opinion.

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