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Thanks for putting this together!!!
Here's my wish list:

Rhiannon ( Here's a song that I KNOW there must be some live performances from the White Album tour .........I personally believe that best versions of Rhiannon done live were done on this tour.........when Stevie could hit all the high notes)

Sara ( a live performance from the Tusk Tour, is it possible to get something that has NEVER been seen from a show they did in Minnisota or some place like that???? I Think we've all seen the performance from they Tusk Documentery and also the one from Largo or Landover MD)

Gypsy ( I know there has to be other Live footage from the Mirage Tour)

Gypsy ( The Video of coarse )

Dreams ( From the Mirage tour)

Sisters of the Moon ( Anything live that has never been seen before)

The Chain ( From the Mirage Tour.......unrealesed performances)

These are the things I would REALLY love to see on the DVD.
I think were all mainly intererested in getting things that has never been seen or released before. I would really love to see a ledgendery peformance of Rhiannon from the White Tour, like the one from the King Biscuit Flour Hour.
Also any concert footage from the Mirage Tour that has never been seen before.

-Thanks again Marty
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