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Vianna-- Our list is just under 2000-- the sign up is tied to photo gallery registration and isn't therefore very visible. I've been thinking about how to change that so more people see it.

Johnny Stew-- I'm thinking it has less to do with how much space a DVD can has for material and more for how much it will cost to license the songs. If we were to send 20,000 names then I'd think they could put more songs on there but 10,000 is going to be hard enough! We're going to have to trim your list (or another list) down to 10-12 songs (probably 12 ). I did send yours and Brian's to them yesterday just to show them two that were posted. As I mentioned if this goes well, I'm hoping it can be the first of a series of releases and then we would get more songs.

- Marty
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