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I posted a slight variation on this list on the Rumours Forum, but it bears re-posting.
And I really do feel a Fleetwood Mac video compilation should resemble the Bruce Springsteen DVD that's currently on the market... which contains a nice mix of both "concept videos" and live clips.
(Although the songs are listed chronologically, according to album, and in the order they were released as singles [for those that were singles], i'd rather see them mix the track-listing up a little. Otherwise you'd have 5 of Christine's videos, one right after the other.)

Over My Head (Midnight Special)
Rhiannon ("Rosebud")
Say You Love Me ("Rosebud")
World Turning (Midnight Special)
Go Your Own Way ("Rosebud") (hell, the entire Rosebud documentary needs released!!!)
Dreams (live promo clip, filmed in Paris)
Don't Stop (live promo clip, filmed in Paris)
You Make Loving Fun (filmed live in Japan)
The Chain (Mirage Tour)
Sara (from the Tusk Documentary)
Not That Funny (Tusk Documentary)
Sisters Of The Moon (Mirage Tour)
Hold Me
Eyes Of The World (Mirage Tour)
Big Love
Seven Wonders
Little Lies
As Long As You Follow
Save Me
Skies The Limit
In The Back Of My Mind
Paper Doll
Love Shines
Silver Springs (from The Dance)
Bleed To Love Her (from The Dance)
Landslide (from The Dance)

I'm hoping they won't have to stick to a strict 12-track compilation... as there is SO much space on DVD, it would be a pity to use only approximately 60 minutes of it.

I also hope we're able to prove to the record company that there is enough interest in this.
Does it count that I am interested enough for about 75 people?

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