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Default DVD's

This is a fabulous idea=:-) Put me down for a copy-that's one!!

I'd want the Gypsy video definitely; there's a performance clip of Stevie doing Sara I'd like (I think it's on Tusk Documentary?); Lindsey's Countdown video;and there's a performance clip of Stevie doing Rhiannon I'd like - it's on the Going Home video. O ther than that anything will do-I am sure to love it.

I hope this goes over well. If we could get the band interested in us, maybe we could get some of the other things we'd like.

Marty, thank you so much for doing this for us, and I am so grateful to Ken, too-please pass that on to him..


How many people do you send the email update thing to these days? I know it was around 1600 wasn't it, a couple of years ago?

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