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Thumbs up Please read - Possible Release of Fleetwood Mac Videos on DVD...


Ok, here's the scoop. I talked with Ken Caillat both yesterday and today, and what he is suggesting is his company, 5.1 Entertainment could license music videos for release to the online fans. A lot of this is still open for discussion but some important points are:

The release would be on DVD format so the sound and video quality would be outstanding. As they were not broadcast or distributed this way before, this would be the highest quality ever released. They also would look into releasing them on VHS as well (but the quality would be less). I asked about a European release and Ken said that DVDs here should play over there as well. They are going to look into this though too.

They were thinking 10 to 12 songs, arranged perhaps like an album. I suppose the emphasis would be on music videos, but perhaps performance videos, television appearances, and such might be possible. He'd like to know what we want and then he can find out about the licensing. I inquired about the different record labels but he thinks he could probably get videos from multiple labels as they are working as a third party. This would therefore permit Fleetwood Mac material as well as solo material to be included.

Distribution would be through The Penguin; they just wrote that the DVDs would have a retail value of $24.98 plus shipping/handling costs.

One important thing, however, is that they want to make sure sufficient demand is there for something like this-- they are requesting that we collect 10,000 names and email addresses before they proceed. Obviously, that is quite a lot and greatly exceeds the population here on The Ledges! I'm suggesting we iron out the details here and then pass it along to Ken. Once everything that can be set up on his end is taken care of, then we can start to collect the names and email addresses.

I think that if this particular project goes well, it might really capture Fleetwood Mac's interest and then we could hope for subsequent releases too!

Clearly, details are all still being decided upon so any and all of this could change, but this is how it stands right now.

So please discuss. I guess it would be good to prepare a few possible setlists and then we can vote.

- Marty
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