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Well, it was a toss-up between "Tusk" and "Buckingham Nicks." Work on getting "Buckingham Nicks" on CD format already, geez!, and we'll worry about a DVD-Audio for it later. In the meantime, I'll vote for "Tusk".

I think the "Tusk" DVD-Audio would be ideal. Isn't it remarkable that after all these years and all the criticism surrounding the Tusk album, that it seems to be everyone's favorite afterall??? Lindsey was far ahead of his time. Stevie said once, in an interview just after the release of Tusk, that one day we would look back at Tusk and say something like "Wow, that was good!" and she was right. But I think that the DVD visual portion should only be Tusk footage (not a montage of all the eras), like perhaps the now out--of-print footage from the "Tusk Documentary" that was issued on video. They should also compile the Tusk clifftop photoshoot footage as well as other random live shots from the Tusk tour. Now, it should just be footage. The live performance music needn't follow the footage. The actual album music should play with the footage as a backdrop. But it would be nice, between songs, to have little interview clips that play only when **watching** the DVD - not when playing for audio purposes only. However, I do not even own a DVD player yet, so I don't know if you can differentiate between audio and video. But, let me tell you, put "Tusk" on DVD and I'll buy my DVD player the day the DVD is released!

Those are just some ideas!

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