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This is a tough one, while I would love Tusk or Greatest Hits or Buckingham/Nicks, I think Tango In The Night was a great album & not too much of a stink has been made about this album..........the songs are so good, the harmonies are good, I get an island somewhere in tropical, secluded paradise kind of feel when I listen to this album........I would really love to hear everything that went into these songs when they were made..........and also hear what the band members have to say about the recording process, maybe see some still shots from that time!!!! Lindsey at the end of his rope, Stevie trying to get clean, Christine in her happy place enjoying the start of a new life with her new husband--all interpreted into the music, the songwriting & instrumentation..........I think Tango or Mirage would be good I went with Tango on this poll.

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