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Cool Hi guys!

I myself had to vote for Fleetwood Mac (which I HOPE means the White Album). It is my absolute fave FM album, and I would love to hear it with everything re-tweaked. I don't have a DVD player, but I'd be tempted to get one for that! Heck, I'm already tempted after hearing how great the Rumours dvd is! I think it would be cool if they did the White Album if they also mixed in some live tracks (hmmm...after reading Roxy's post, maybe they couldn't do that because maybe live tracks wouldn't have all the multi-track stuff ) of the other songs FM was performing live at that point, since Lindsey and Stevie were so new - like Why, Station Man, Oh Well, etc. Or maybe have some video of the live performances or something, which were so kick-ass back then with how "fresh" the group was, since they were all still getting used to each other.

If I had to make a second choice, I'd definitely go with Tusk, though not a "Tusk Greatest Hits" - I would want every song, not what was picked over...with that album, you MUST have every song. Maybe they could add that longer Sara version we've all heard so many rumours about, too..

Really enjoying Ken's Q&A!

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