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Originally Posted by bjk3047
Are you insinuating that if enough of us asked and pleaded and begged, that he might just give us another taste?
Sorry, I did not mean to imply that. I was sent a total of 16 tracks and the request was to post them at regular intervals. I have been doing so every other Thursday since I received the CD. If Javier asked me to stop though or remove what has been posted though, I would as it is his material. Pleading and begging is not required to hear more of the sampler!

Originally Posted by bjk3047
I'm still going to refer to my previous comment. IF you're going to to play, you should play fair. He has chosen to make this stuff available, he should do it the right way.
I go back to my comments above too and do not understand what you mean by "play fair" and "the right way". These tracks have not been heard in 30+ years and Javier has archived them for all of this time. Getting to hear any part of any of them is a treat and just because Javier would like people to hear what Fritz actually sounded like does not mean, to me, that he has to post everything that he has available.

- Marty

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