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This is probably all been talked about before and I haven't read it, but...

I like hearing the clips, but it would be nice to hear a whole song once in a while. Yes thank you Javier for making them available but why does it take this bad e-bay sale to dig this stuff out of the woodwork? I'm sure these songs have some great parts to them that we can't hear in a clip.

If it's not for sure that Javier will release a whole Fritz CD... and quite honestly I don't see it happening from Lindsey especially or Stevie (he seems ruculant to ever own up to the BN CD)... then what is the point on sitting on all this music that we want to listen to? Sometimes I feel like Javier is dangling it in front of us like cocaine in front of Mick so that we can beg him and plead with him for more. So he can finally get the attention he's always wanted.
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