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I love a lot of songs on TOSOTM, but most of side two killed the album for me (Juliet, Cry Wolf, Fire Burning, even Alice). I actually like I Still Miss Someone... there's a sadness and wistfulness in her voice during that song that I find endearing. I also agree with MacFan that Stevie really bears her soul on this album- Rooms on Fire, Long Way to Go, Doing the Best I Can, Ghosts, and especially Ooh My Love sound so confessional and reveal a lot about Stevie.

Stevie said in an interview that this album was her father's least favorite by her... he had to have said that before Street Angel came out LOL! Anyway, I bet he was referring more to that period in Stevie's life than the album itself, but who knows. And now, she doesn't sing any songs from this album anymore live, which is too bad. I would love to hear Rooms on Fire again, along with Long Way to Go, Ooh My Love, and a stripped down version of Doing the Best I Can (I love the song in spite of the horrible production, starting with that hilariously over the top piano pounding when she sings "I was silent, I was locked away...")
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