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Originally Posted by petep9000 View Post
I've said it before and I'll say it again: there's no right or wrong way to be a Stevie Nicks fan. Which is the last thing I said before Mike Bise defriended and blocked me (lol) but it's true. There's NOTHING wrong with someone not liking OSOTM and thinking the whole production is a tacky syrupy mess. That doesn't mean I don't like the rest of her work. I'm the biggest Street Angel defender there is, try being in the minority that supports THAT album lol.
You took my statement too literal. I mean this album has the consensus of what most people like about Stevie. The songs personally written about scorned love affairs and autobiographical tales about her life vague and direct at times, her raspy but solid voice.
IMHO, OSOTM has it all almost Bella Donna like in those regards. I.E. meaning her writing is so good on the album and the songs are about her life... something that got left out on the previous album. IMHO the album is full of class and probably her most revealing album about her life ever. Long Way To Go and Escape from Berlin are probably her most direct to the point songs ever. She does not beat around the bush. Songs like Ghosts are pure Stevie telling the world how her music is her husband and that she lives in the past too much. The album is an open book into her life. I think its amazing. In some weird way I think the klonopin let her reveal too much and say things she may not have told the world before. Its also her last good writings before klonopin turned out the lights.
So that is why I don't understand the hate many have for the album. Some only look at pop chart success... I get that. But the depth of her songs on this album hit home for me. Are there songs I don't like on the album... YES! Cry Wolf and Still Miss Someone are duds IMHO. Can you imagine if Running Through the Garden or another one her her classics were added instead? So I am talking about the context of what most of Stevie fans like about her... the magic, the voice, the brilliant writing. I think the album has it all. To quote Stevie... she was on a very creative roll when writing the album. I also love Street Angel too. I get the feeling that some don't like it because of the lack of commercial success. I never judge an album that way.
To give an analogy. Its like someone saying.. I LOVE Fleetwood Mac but I hate the white album. That's cool and fine but isn't the white album classic Fleetwood Mac? And of course there are Mac fans out there that don't care for the white album which is fine. But the album has such a traditional Mac sound and characteristic of the band, I just would find it confusing. But of course that is what makes us fans so special. We all like different things. And that is a GOOD thing!
I like the music too. Anytime Rick Marotta drums, its going to be a good song! I would have loved to have seen the Heartbreakers play as a group on the album instead of just a few on Whole Lotta Trouble. I also would rearrange some of the tracking. Stevie must have been very proud of the album doing a record 5 new songs on the tour: Rooms on Fire, Alice, Juliet, Whole Lotta Trouble, Two Kinds of Love. Its weird because I understand Stevie when she says this was her magical album. I feel the magic and that is strange to say. I like some of her albums better but there is little magic there like on OSOTM. Some spell she sent on this album captured me

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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