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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
I don't think Christine ever considered herself a soloist, per se, but more a part of the rhythm section. The MEAT of the song, if you will. Let the guitarist(s) show off, and I'll just "support the song" with Mick and John.

There aren't many songs that deviate from that platform of thinking in her repertoire.
Interesting, because Lindsey has stated that he always felt that his guitar playing in Fleetwood Mac was in an “orchestral” role. All four instrument players have always seemed to put the best interest of the song first, as opposed to extending piano, guitar, drum or bass solos. Lindsey, being involved in nearly every aspect of a songs development in FM in the Rumours era, he often gets the credit or blame (depending on your perspective) - the Tusk album being the prime example. However, he was pushing the experimental envelope even on Rumours, utilizing a leather chair for portions of the percussion on Second Hand News. As painful as it might have been for these five musicians to be in the same room for extended periods of time producing new music, the results were amazing.
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