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I LOVE this thread but have been disappointed so far with the songs listed. C'mon guys there are so many great songs that feature her style of keyboarding.

Come a little bit closer
Prove your love (keyboard solo at 2:20) VINTAGE CHRISTINE STYLE HERE
You make loving fun (HELLO!!!!!!)
Skies the Limit - vintage Christine style
Do you know - such wonderful Christine keyboard parts playing LOVE IT!
Hold me - just for the piano riff alone
Don't Stop - the shuffle of all shuffles
Nights in Estoril - probably one of my favorites GOD SHE IS SO GOOD HERE
Dreams - I give Christine full credit for the mood and success of the song!
Say You Love me
So Excited - some great piano playing

I could go on forever but I will be late for work. One of the reasons I almost like Behind the Mask better than Tango is because Christine returns with her vintage style keyboard playing. We get very little of it on Tango since its mostly pre-recorded keyboard tracks. BTM features Christine playing keyboards on almost all the songs. He playing on songs like Do you know are so vintage of her style that I cannot help but to like the song.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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