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Originally Posted by WatchChain View Post
Now that Chris is back in the band, I'd like the band to put the keyboards BACK in the live version of "Landslide" for this next tour.

Also, I know it's cliché to say, BUT "Songbird" is probably the BEST Christine McVie track ever recorded. It's also one of the greatest Fleetwood Mac songs on record.
I don't think Christine ever considered herself a soloist, per se, but more a part of the rhythm section. The MEAT of the song, if you will. Let the guitarist(s) show off, and I'll just "support the song" with Mick and John.

There aren't many songs that deviate from that platform of thinking in her repertoire.
and Stevie Nicks was starting to lumber along like a sod-packed wheelbarrow.
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