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Outside of someone I know in person this is the sadest single death I've yet to hear about (same day as our worst national tragedy since 911, making yesterday one of the worst days I can remember) Its made 10 times sadder that he was so active playing and playing at the height of his game as recently as last week.

So there's the direct sadness over tom petty but I also dont think there's anything remotely wrong with saying this is going to be an unusually painful situation for stevie to handle as well, and I am legit concearned for her. It's not about turning everything about stevie, but other then pettys family and actual members of the heartbreakers I can't think of anyone who will take this harder, or can I think of anyone who could pass that Could be harder on stevie now that her parents are gone.

Yea the prince thing is a little attention grabbing on her part and exaggerated and has always rubbed me the wrong way, but this isn't equivalent to the boy who cried wolf and stevie will have every reason to react however she wants to react to this one.

Not to make light, since I am devestated, it's just how I cope and would be doing the same thing if it was my own relative, but considering she devotes 10 minutes of her current show talking about her prince relationship and he only has anything to do with 1 and a half of her songs and they've never really been seen together publicly, how is she going to play any of her songs without losing it when more then half are either about tom, written with tom, or performed in his danm basement.
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