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They have recorded some amazing songs. Not just "SDMHA," but also the great "Insider," "Needles and Pins," "IWRTY," and I love her backing him up on "You can still change your mind." What a sad day this is.
I couldn't agree more with this statement. Stevie and Tom's duet/harmony vocal legacy extends FAR beyond their TOP 5 hit "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around". While that hit is iconic, it's not their best vocal harmony.

That title would go to the live version of "Insider" AND "Needles and Pins" (which was actually a BILLBOARD TOP 40 hit, reaching #37 in early 1986). Both of those tracks recorded live during Stevie's guest spot with The Heartbreakers at THE L.A. FORUM in 1981 are pure perfection!

Although Tom's death has yet to be confirmed, it's reported that he's been taken off life support. Whatever happens, the world is quietly mourning a rock and roll icon. Pray for a miracle.

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