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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
When's the last time ANY member of Fleetwood Mac had a hit? Maybe Sandy Stewart could write a song for Christine or Lindsey, too.
I don't think song writing has anything to do with Stevie or the Mac not having Top 10 pop hits. That train left the station decades ago. You could say the same thing about John Mellencamp, Don Henley, or any other 70's or 80's artist. The music industry has changed. Mick Jagger is out with a new album. Do you really think any of the songs are going to be a hit? That should not be the motivating factor to making new music. Some of you guys pick your favorite songs by the charts only which is strange to me

Sandy has contributed to some of Stevie's songs which are ok. Just keep her away from the piano or keyboard. She played very amateur on Wild Heart (song) and that dreaded sad keyboard intro to Nightbird

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