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Originally Posted by TheWildHeart67 View Post
RAL didn't sell as many copies as BD or WH, but in terms of radio play, it did just as well as WH. In fact, "Talk to me" charted higher than "Stand Back" on both the hot 100, and the rock chart.
Her presence on rock radio started declining after TOSOTM.
In 1989, "Rooms on fire" peaked at #16 on the Hot 100(pop) chart, but hit #1 on the Rock chart.
"Long way to go" peaked at #11 on the rock chart.
Even though TOSOTM peaked at #10, it dropped off the album charts rather quickly and it only sold Gold status(500,000 copies) initially, and took a few years to be certified platinum, while RAL peaked at #12, it was certified platinum in it's first 4 weeks, and stayed in the top 20 for 13 weeks, despite peaking at #12. It also finished as #44 on the year end chart, while OSOTM finished at #89 for the yearly sales.
The lack of radio play after "Rooms on fire" and "Long way to go," caused sales to drop dramatically.
When "Timespace" was released in 1991, the lead single "Sometimes(it's a bitch)" stalled at #56 on the Hot 100, but still charted at #7 on the rock charts.
Thanks for the info, wildheart67!

Rooms on Fire should have charted higher... such a great and underrated song.
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