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Originally Posted by TheWildHeart67 View Post
Yes I feel the same way about "Landslide" and "The Chain." I understand the reasons why they sold the rights, and it's the songwriter's decision to do what they want with their songs.
I am not a regular television watcher, so I didn't realize the mentioned commercial has been around for a while.
I wasn't trying to offend anybody nor was I trying to put any members of the Mac down for doing what they want with their music.
I just never have liked it when popular songs are turned into commercials. Yes, I know a hit song is basically a commercial to sell the album. But hearing a classic song, sang by a generic commercial singer, turning it into a "jingle" for television/radio commercials just sounds weird to me.
But that is how marketing works. These well known songs are already in our brains. This is why the advertising executives seek out such songs. I heard Gloria Estefan on Howard Stern talk about this exact thing. Some muffin company in Spain wanted to use her conga line in a commercial and paid her over $400,000 to use it.
Easy money

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