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Do you feel the same way when Stevie sold Landslide and the Mac sold The Chain.
Lindsey has made a fortune off Holiday Road. Its been used in several commercials.
Even Everywhere was used in a commercial. The ad you refer to is not even new, its been around for awhile.
I don't see anything wrong with it. Few could turn down a million dollars so that 5 seconds of their song is used in a commercial.
Yes I feel the same way about "Landslide" and "The Chain." I understand the reasons why they sold the rights, and it's the songwriter's decision to do what they want with their songs.
I am not a regular television watcher, so I didn't realize the mentioned commercial has been around for a while.
I wasn't trying to offend anybody nor was I trying to put any members of the Mac down for doing what they want with their music.
I just never have liked it when popular songs are turned into commercials. Yes, I know a hit song is basically a commercial to sell the album. But hearing a classic song, sang by a generic commercial singer, turning it into a "jingle" for television/radio commercials just sounds weird to me.
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