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Originally Posted by TheWildHeart67 View Post
I just saw a commercial for Anoro asthma medication and they play a cheesey cover of "Go your own way," during it. Kinda sad seeing FM let their classic song get covered in a cheesey commercial
Do you feel the same way when Stevie sold Landslide and the Mac sold The Chain for commercial use?
Lindsey has made a fortune off Holiday Road. Its been used in several commercials.
Even Everywhere was used in a commercial. The ad you refer to is not even new, its been around for awhile.
I don't see anything wrong with it. Few could turn down a million dollars so that 5 seconds of their song is used in a commercial. Lindsey has probably made more money off Holiday Road than every solo album and solo tours added together over his entire career.
Few have the courage of their convictions like Jim Morrison. In 1969 he turned down $75,000 to allow Light My Fire be used in a commercial. The rest of the Doors protested but Jim wrote the song. In 1969 $75,000 would be over $500,000 today.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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