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Originally Posted by petep9000 View Post
Truly, yeah. This is just my opinion, it couldn't possibly be less of a favorite album for me. I just hate it. But other people love it, so what do I know?

You can't compare it to Rock a Little though, 'Mirror' had no rock to it at all. It was a synthy candy castle with Kenny G, zzzzzz.
Just wow. This board is amazing in that you learn every day how wonderfully different all of us humans are. We can listen to the same thing and have opposite opinions. To say that RAL had any "rock" is a joke. It is pure pre-programmed synth pop of the worst kind. Its drum machines rolling with programmed bass, etc. Rock stations kept Stevie nicks in heavy rotation with Bella Donna and Wild Heart even with the disco Stand Back. But RAL was just too much and many rock stations never really played very much from RAL. OSOTM is a back to roots Stevie Nicks. I just don't get if anyone is a Stevie fan how they could not like the album. Unlike RAL, Stevie wrote almost ALL of the songs. But more important the songs are autobiographical and some of her best writings. Probably her biggest rocker Long Way To Go is so good. Nothing similar on RAL at all. Real drums, real bass, real guitar, and a perfect song about scorned love and intense drug addiction and merged together the way only Stevie can.
When I drove home from the mall with my new cassette of OSOTM, all I kept thinking was WELCOME BACK STEVIE. Her voice was strong. Her writing was brilliant again and goodbye to empty pop songs and drum machines!!!!!!! OSOTM also has REAL piano something RAL never had (except for HAWAFY).
Stevie can be cryptic, scornful, and very honest in her writings. I never could get into the Stevie who is working the crisis hotline asking politely for someone to talk to her so she can cheer them up. That was not the Stevie that I knew. I mean really? You can break dance to Sister Honey. RAL was a totally different artist than Stevie Nicks. I do understand there are those who love this but to me it was just so annoying to see an artist so out of control that songs had to be brought in with 5 different producers to record songs that are written by B list song writers. I love the autobiographical Stevie because I somehow spiritually relate to her songs. And that my friend is why RAL is the only record from my Nicks/Mac/McVie collection that I never upgraded to CD. About 10 years ago, I was in a thrift store and I saw the RAL cassette for $1. I still had a stereo with a cassette player HA HA . I actually debated if I should buy it but passed.
Having said all that.... are there bad songs on OSOTM? Yes of course but there are far more many of them on RAL. Are there good songs on RAL? Yes but its frustrating because songs like I Cant Wait, I Sing for things, The Nightmare, and No Spoken word had huge potential but got lost in mid 80s synth pop. However there is no comparison in album quality IMHO. No comparison at all. While OSTOM is a good album its far from bad. Not only do I think RAL is Stevie's worst album but probably one of the worst albums of the entire 80s decade. In some ways I suppose RAL is like Red Rocks. Its so bad, its good?

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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