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Default Lay Down For Free is underrated

Lay Down For Free...its really bl**dy good!

When the album came out this was one of the songs that was regularly dismissed by critics and fans. Even now very few fans seem to regard it in any high esteem from what I can tell. I think its time for a review of that opinion.
For me this song has grown on me more than any other on the album. I think that's always a good sign...the best music rarely ever jumps out at you straight away but instead needs to be appreciated. In another thread a fellow Ledgie bemoaned it as being another Lindsey finger-picker. On the one hand I know where he's coming from. Lindsey seems to be increasingly falling back on the finger picking style- I think maybe he's trying to cultivate a particular style he can call his own in order to cement a legacy among the pantheon of great guitarists. However, when you listen back to Lay Down For Free on record the guitar work is pared back considerably. Its a bit twangy in places but overall there isn't a huge amount of the irritating finger picking really. For some reason LDFF reminds me a bit of IKINW; they dont sound the same but they seem to be structured in the same vein. Initially I thought this song to be the inferior partner song to Love Is Here to Stay. Now I much prefer it.

Overall I'd say its a slow burner that's become a real favourite.
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