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I thought similar to others re: Family Man -- that "am what i am, what i am, what i am" descension -- definitely Lindsey doing some "Stevie twisting" on his own vocals, and he did it in a 'cards on the table' way - showed the listener how it's his voice at first and then it gets gradually altered.

I remember feeling concern when I first heard "When I See You Again." I was a 19 year old college kid, listening to Tango on cassette in my dorm room. I was a big fan of the band even then and remember thinking, worried, "Christ, if this was the best they could get out of her, she ain't well." The vocals reminded me of the weak/fragile voice on some of "Rock A Little" (the title track, and "I Sing for the Things") the year before, but even weaker, and there had been a story or two in the news about her addiction/rehab struggles.
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