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It really is difficult to get through listening to this album without feeling embarrassed for either yourself for being a completist or for the band for having putting it out. I read a recent Christine interview in which she called the two nineties studio albums "terrible" and said "don't listen to them".

I wouldn't go that far for Time, oddly, but something clearly wrong with BTM. The one track I love is the title track. I don't get the criticism of the production- it sounds moody and mysterious, almost harking back to parts of Mystery to Me.

I've recently been putting together four CD-length compilations in which each Mac album and the EP have to have a representative included, and it's been a real struggle with this album. I opted for Behind the Mask, When the Sun goes down which sounds OK-ish sandwiched between Sad Angel and Mission Bell, The Second Time I have tried to put somewhere where its brevity will mean it won't get noticed to much, and I've been reduced to slotting in Freedom between the light, airy and underappreciated Nights in Estoril and Monday Morning .

People who bought and listened to this record on a roll from TITN must clearly have had it in their memory when the sales disaster of Time occurred, although the latter's lack of promotion can't have helped.
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