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Gosh, I hated this album when I first heard it. I still do. The title track and "Save Me" are the only songs I like (and I like them despite the production).

I remember thinking it was just such a sad showing of the combined talents. I could tell Vito was a stellar player, I could tell Stevie still had fire, I could clearly see Christine could still make great pop--but somehow they made all the wrong choices on this one. The cover art, the production, the arrangements, which songs were kept and which ones were dropped. If you're going to change the lineup, wholly embrace the changed lineup. Here it seemed a half-assed attempt to do so.

The album also has one of the worst Mac songs I've ever heard: "Skies the Limit." Anyone on this board knows I'm a HUGE Christine fan, so for me to outright hate one of her tunes means something is amiss. For me it's the generic chorus, the ungrammatical title, the rather washed-out lead and backing vocals...the whole song is just ugh.
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