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Default Alabama student newspaper's preview of 1975 Buckingham Nicks show

A friend of mine sent me photos of microfiche from the University of Alabama's student newspaper, the Crimson White. Not sure the exact date of publication, but the Buckingham Nicks concerts (they apparently had 7pm and 9pm shows) were on January 28, 1975.

Apologies if this is old news for some of you, just thought the photos and article were interesting and wanted to share. I transcribed the relevant section below so you don't have to try to read the photo.

Buckingham Nicks1 a

Buckingham Nicks2 a

Buckingham Nicks, ‘Up With People’ due
Hind Site by John Hinds
January ??, 1975

“You may not be as strong as me, and I may not care to teach you. It may be hard to keep up with me, but I’ll always be able to reach you.”

“And if you go forward, I’ll meet you there, and if you climb up through the cold freezing air, look down below you, search out above, and cry out to life for a frozen love.”

The above paragraphs are written and sung by a duo of very talented and extremely good looking people – none other than Lindsey Buckingham and Stephanie Nicks.

Although relatively unknown (outside there [sic] native Southern California) until last year, the couple has skyrocketed since the release of their one and only album “Buckingham Nicks” and will appear in Morgan Auditorium Tuesday, January 28.

The duo has taken the music world by storm and 1975 could be their year. For openers, the duo has failed to produce a second album despite the overwhelming success of their first release. They have also stayed away from the limelight as they have appeared in very few concert halls outside their native state. Last but far from least, in the long line of absurdities, the duo has generated very little ink. In fact not one word has appeared about the group in Rolling Stone in the last six months.

Under the capable guidance of Doug Casmus last year, and Ted McCreless this year the Downunder concerts have brought nothing but high caliber performers to the University campus. The Buckingham Nicks concert promises to follow in the floodlights of such great shows at Leo Kottke and Randy Newman last year and Frank Zappa and Maria Muldaur this year. Tickets for the show are $2 for students and $3 general admission and are available at Cards ‘n Things and Funworld.

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