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Originally Posted by petep9000 View Post
Then I think you need to give "Family Man" another listen. While I have no doubt Lindsey did some trickery, I'm absolutely convinced that the genesis of the "am what I am what I am what I am...." bridge started with a creaky Stevie vocal which he then manipulated. It just needed to be one line, really- then he just played with it to make it repeat and change key.

I'm also in full agreement with my well-informed friend that Lindsey was insanely jealous of Stevie's solo career and would have gladly excluded her from everything, were it not for Warner DEMANDING a big Stevie single and visibility in videos.
C'mon now, its ok to be a huge Stevie fan but facts are facts.
While her band was in the studio recording Tango, Stevie went on a drug binged tag along tour with Petty in Australia. She then toured herself and eventually ended up in rehab only to emerge when Tango was almost finished.
NO WAY any of this is Lindsey's fault or making. He actually handled the situation pretty well considering what he had to deal with. Was he jealous of her solo career? Probably ......but that does not explain or justify her absence from the Tango sessions.
Stevie herself stated the times she did show up, she was late and it aggravated Lindsey and probably the rest of the band. Christine had a right to lash out at Stevie for wanting to include her on tracks but guess what.....Stevie was not there.
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