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Say You Love Me OR Think About Me
Rhiannon OR Gold Dust Woman
Over My Head OR Everywhere
Go Your Own Way
You Make Loving Fun
Don't Stop
Hold Me
Gypsy OR Angel
Big Love OR Never Going Back Again
Seven Wonders OR a Stevie deep cut
Little Lies

The Chain
Second Hand News OR I know I'm Not Wrong
Silver Springs
I'm So Afraid OR a Lindsey deep cut
Storms OR Beautiful Child

These songs haven't been performed live before, as far as I know:

Warm Ways
I Don't Want to Know
Never Forget
You'll Never Make Me Cry
Honey Hi
I am not sure which songs Lindsey has sang live from Tusk, but I know he performed several at least once, so I didn't even try to list them.
Straight Back
Only Over You
Empire State
Oh Diane
That's Alright
Can't Go Back
Book of Love
Tango in the Night
When I See You Again
Welcome to the Room Sara
You and I part II
Family Man
One More Night

Obviously, I didn't include songs from Behind the Mask, Say You Will, Time, the EP, or Buck/Vie.
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