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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Except for ISA and NTF, these songs would certainly qualify as deep cuts and would be a welcome addition.

My question to you guys is, are 5 deep cuts enough for us hardcore fans to pay big money to see them next year?
argh forgot ISA. so yeah then just one deep cut for Lindsey, since he doesn't want to drop that awful slow NGBA , and audiences seems to have good reaction to it.

so i guess either What Makes You Think or Walk a Thin Line would be my choice.

my first choice? Lindsey solo tour at the beginning of next year! and all those deeper cuts i meantione somewhere above to be included, plus 6 new songs from his Jan 2018 upcoming album.

it's a great question about whether basically a couple of deep cuts would be worth shelling tons of money to see FM tour in 2018/19. i would see a single show, when they come to my area. but i would not follow their tour like i've been following the last 2, or LB solo or BuckVie.

if none of what i would consider deep cuts are there, i would skip the tour all together, like i skipped the Classic show in which i had no interest whatsoever.
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